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$ : My character will react to your character winning mine after a long bidding war with another bidder where the price got pretty high.
✖ : My character will react to your character getting into a bidding war with someone but eventually giving up and letting my character be bought by the other person.
‼ : My character will react to yours paying an enormous sum for them that they know yours can't truly pay.
⁇ : My character will react to your character buying them only after a long and awkward pause where no one else was bidding.
✔ : My character will react to yours buying them... along with buying another of the people up for auction!
⊙ : My character will react to yours buying somebody else and not having bid for them at all.
➨+ : Send this symbol coupled with any of the others and my character will react as if situations were reversed and yours was the one up "for bid."



Here’s yet another awesome thing about Japan: Pigeon Mask Parties.

Whether they’re made of feathers or latex, hanging out in the park or at a bar, it’s clear that pigeons love to flock. Did you know that a group of pigeons is called a loft? That means you could also call these gatherings Loft Parties. It sounds like Pigeon Mask code.

Check out The Pigeon Mask website for more glimpses of our Pigeon Mask in the wild.

[Bottom photo via dots_and_loops via The Pigeon Mask]



I’m too lazy to seach for a meme like this so I made one myself.

  • Name:
  • Sex/Gender:
  • Which parent they take after more (physically):
  • Which parent they take after more (personality):
  • Who do they like better:
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like:
  • What do they like to do/what games they play:
  • What does family night consist of:
  • FC:


  • "Oi, teach, you stink!"
  • "No cell phones in class!"
  • "Uh, could you repeat that, sir/miss?"
  • "Hello, my name is Miss/Mr ____ and I’ll be teaching you ____."
  • "You don’t understand, I’ll do anything to pass this class! Anything~”
  • "Are you trying to bribe me into giving you good grades?!"
  • "I need some help studying."
  • "I didn’t understand today’s assignment at all!"
  • "Can I be in a different group?"
  • "Are you allowed to teach that?!"
  • "Oh! Oh! Oh! Over here! Pick me!"
  • "Class is cancelled today."
  • "You look stressed, teach. You should take a day off."
  • "Alright, who threw that?!"
  • "No sleeping in class!"
  • "No ____ in class!"
  • "I will ____ for an A+."
  • "Your work is really improving! Well done! A sticker for you!"
  • "Maybe I can teach YOU something."
  • "That’s it! Detention!"
  • "I’m really stressed about this work. Could you explain it to me?"
  • "I’m sooooo sorry, I completely forgot my homework!"
  • "My dog ate my homework."
  • "Sir/miss, can I talk to you in private?"
  • "You’re my favourite teacher!"
  • "You’re the worst teacher ever!"
  • "I have never met a student as rude as you!"
  • "Learning can be fun!"
  • "Lighten up, teach, it was only a joke."
Title: Drop it Low
Artist: Kat DeLuna


{{An anon said to imagine Kurosu dancing to the last song I listened to and…}}

Send me a…

— 〆 for a childhood story
— ღ for a drabble about a romance/their love life
— ⌆ for a story about their family/home life
— € for a bad memory that still haunts them
— ✢ for a good memory that makes them smile


Send me a name/place/event or situation from my character’s past and they will just talk about that one thing.