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  • Push off a cliff
  • Frick frack
  • Marry
  • Set on fire
  • Wrap a blanket around
  • Be roommates with

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you boys grew so nicely


by ジョンコの作品一覧


His only answer was by a shake of his head.The other statement on the other hand he managed to find his words to answer.”Of course not.You did save me and seem nice.You’re rather far from frightening,Hakuryuu.”He giggled.

The young prince made sure to remember the place and time of their meeting from now onwards.All he could offer was a cant of the head in comprehension before eh was took back to the palace.

Of course they wouldn’t allow him anywhere out of palace walls,save it for outside…or anywhere near the port or shoreline.Ever since the incident he was put under watch almost daily,excluding his studies,bathe or sleep.With that the attendants were around him more often then ever.Far too much to Alibaba’s liking.He just wanted to play,to make friends,to explore the world outside.He hated being a prince at times.The closest to exploring or making friends were when his father would take him with him to meetings.And at times if he was fortunate to encounter children of his age to play with;Even if temporary.Now he had reason to look forward to.He made a promise to Hakuryuu.Its been few days ever since the incident and strange encounter with the sea dragon.He wanted to see him.He wanted out of here before he’d suffocate.Lady luck seemed to be on his side the day he could have one of his favorite class,economy outside.He managed to escape his teacher while roaming down the lively and crowded streets.He made sure not to be spotted or leave any trace and headed to where he and Hakuryuu had planned to meet.He hoped,despite his absence for a couple of days,that he’d still be there.That they’d still meet again.His breath was rigid and coming out in short pants,cheeks flushed and knees shaking yet he refused to rest once he got there.He cleared his throat before calling out,first in an almost whisper just in case there were people around.”Hakuryuu…?Hakuryuu…!”But seeming as if no response he got impatient and shouted a bit louder whilst walking down the shoreline and peep through every rock.

"Hakuryuu!!Are you here?"

Hakuryuu had slowly started to loose hope, giving up that Alibaba would ever return as the days went by. He knew the other humans where probably keeping him under lock and key and feared that by the time he was let out again he’d have forgotten about him or would just think it was a dream. Despite this though he kept visiting the place. If nothing else the reef there with all of its fish gave him good experience in hunting. 

Hakuryuu was at the bottom of the reef, allowing fish to clean his scales of dirt, gunk, and dead scales as he snacked on another, large fish he’d caught. He though he heard his name, lifting his head. As it grew louder a large smile came to his face. “Alibaba.” he said, giving a powerful swing of his tail. As he did the fish who where cleaning him let go expect for a couple that where still very hungry. He held the fish he was eating, swimming till his head popped out of the water. “Alibaba!”

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This is why you should have a cat y’all. Egyptians believed that cats repelled evil spirits.

Cats are evil spirits. They’re just the strongest so all others must bow to their greatness.

Actually, according to legend, cats are guardians of the Underworld. So once you are dead if you try to sneak back into the land of the living they send you back where you came from. They protect the living from the dead.


Drew it during English class.

I think this song fits Judal, Hakuryuu and Sinbad. I want to make a AMV if only I could find a good program to make videos.




"perverted slave trader. whatever just leave lady morgiana alone."


"Okay, no problem, my perverted prince.”

"you’re never going to stop using that My word like that now that I’ve agreed to this are you?"